Charlie Chaplin is part of the rich history of Roxanne’s building

On June 16, 1943, Charlie Chaplin slid a wedding ring on the finger of his fourth bride, Oona O'Neill, the 18 year old daughter of playwright Eugene O'Neill. The five minute ceremony was performed by a local justice of the peace.

The story goes that Chaplin stopped by the Catholic Church in Carpinteria where the priest refused to marry the couple. They sought out the Justice of the Peace at his home on Maple Avenue in the little house which has grown through the years and is now Roxanne's, A Wish and A Dream, Quilting, Knitting and Gifts.

The 54 year-old film comedian met his bride eight months earlier when she came to Hollywood after winning a nightclub contest as New York's Glamor Girl of 1942. The fourth Mrs. Chaplin was older than most of the actor's former wives were at the time of their weddings. They were happily married for the rest of their lives and had five children. 

Visit and look for the pictures of this famous couple and the plaque on the fireplace commemorating their wedding. There is a copy of the picture that appeared in Life Magazine, June 28, 1943 that shows the couple standing in front of the fireplace.