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About our Love of Featherweights...

We love our Featherweights! 

All of our Singer Featherweight 221's and 222’s are in good-very good or excellent condition. They are vintage machines, made between 1933 and 1968. They run well, have been serviced and cleaned. Each come with 5 bobbins, a set of screwdrivers, a cleaning brush, a copy of the instruction book and a carrying case.  We test sew on each one before they are put out for sale. 

The black ones are the original color and sell for between $550 and $750. The same is true for the original white machines. Occasionally I have a machine for $475-$500, and although not as pristine as the others, they sew wonderfully. The price difference is mostly due to the physical appearance and attributes of each machine.  The more expensive ones are the models with the Egyptian Scroll Face and perhaps the chrome wheel.  They are very lovely little machines.  

The painted machines are all in excellent condition as they have been completely re-done. They are taken apart, stripped, re-painted with 2-3 coats of premium  car paint, cured, new decals, clear coated, re-assembled and serviced. They  come with the same items listed above. The painted Singer Featherweights are $1250.00 and up, depending on the color, decoration, etc.. Most of the solid color painted machines are $1250 - $1500. The Lime Squeeze is a favorite, as well as the Turquoise, and the all time favorite, Red. All of the colors are beautiful.

We also have polka dot machines and some with hand painted floral designs. We have a very special machine with an American Flag on it. We also have Roxanne’s Special Editions which have some of our own designed quilts on them. These machines start at $1600, and are one of a kind.

We currently have about 25 different colors. Our stock changes weekly and there are always different ones available in our shop. Please see the pictures of some past and present machines.  

We do not have a “shopping cart” so if you want one of these little beauties, you will have to call the shop at 805-566-1250.

I have collected and sold these great little Featherweights for over 30 years. If you have any questions we would love to tell you more about these wonderful little machines.

Look at all the beautiful colors!

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The Singer Featherweight Sewing Machine brings back so many wonderful memories.  I have loved these great little machines since I was a little girl.  

My mother taught me to sew on hers when I was about 8 or 9 years old and I still have that same machine, and I still sew on it. It never misses a stitch. I took it to college as a young woman, and as a new mom years later, I made my little girls clothes.

Over the years I have collected many of these great machines. I have sold over 200 of them when I had my first quilt shop. Now, I am pleased to offer many for sale.  

The Featherweight, and it is exactly what the name implies...light... it weighs approximately 11 pounds, a mere handful.  

There are many outstanding reasons why the Featherweight is the finest portable ever made. Remember Singer Sewing Machines were never hurriedly manufactured in the old days, but precision made. They were produced for the homemaker and were made to last, and they have! Today they are prized by quilters for their unique qualities, and their vintage appeal.

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